Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Memo to Koran-burning "pastor"

Hey, "Pastor" Terry Jones.   Wanna burn some Korans, eh?

Then you'd also better burn a book that describes in pretty graphic detail brutal rapes, as well as erotic poetry to make some romance writers squirm.  A book where God makes a bet with Satan.   A book where a guy whacks a giant, marries the daughter of the high priest, then commits adultery with not just one but seven women all in the royal court.  A book where an entire generation of first-born were slaughtered with God's permission yet to this day we must not question why they were murdered even though some if not most of their parents had nothing to do or wanted nothing to do with their king's rule.   Finally, even though the eventual hero of the saga tells his posse to abandon their wives and children, most don't -- in fact his immediate successor raises his mother-in-law from death.

The Holy Bible.  PASTOR.   BURN THAT, TOO!!!!   You fucking hypocrite.

Oh and for what it's worth ... Shana Tov and Eid Mubarak.   If you don't know what they mean, run it on a search engine.   You certainly know how to post on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Actually , the muslims pissed on the bible and burnt a couple years ago, along with burning the American flag on a daily if not weekly basis.

Unless you're an anti-American bigot do you not see the problem with your argument?

BlastFurnace said...

Stuff like what happens in the Middle East is par for the course ... I've come to expect it. And it happens everywhere.

Heck, we Canadians still remember this idiot from out West who knew nothing about Sihkism yet donned a Mountie blazer, put a turban on himself and took a picture then sold posters of the photo with the caption, "Does this make you Sikh?" (The protest was over a Sikh recruit who wanted to wear a colour-matching turban instead of the traditional Stetson.)

Or a very conservative church outside of the liberal Pittsburgh which back in 2001 burned copies of Harry Potter and the works of Shakespeare.

Idiocy has been part of the landscape ever since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

No, I'm not anti-American and I have a great deal of respect for the First Amendment. If flag burning is free speech then I guess so is burning sacred texts. My sense is the only way the police can stop the pastor is if his actions threaten to incite a breach of the peace.