Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prentice, Olbermann

This week's sudden resignation of Jim Prentice is shocking because he somehow managed to negotiate a new job with the CIBC bank while apparently avoiding conflict of interest guidelines.    How?   But more ominously his departure means that there are only a handful of progressives left in the governing party -- maybe two or three in each of the House and the Senate.   The Conservative Party as it now stands is nowhere near some of the extremist parties we see in Europe -- think National Front in France, for instance -- but it's definitely now almost a carbon copy of the US Republicans minus the Cons' support for health care.

Meanwhile, listening to the BBC World Service last night, I was equally stunned to hear that NBC has suspended Keith Olbermann after it was learned he contributed to the campaigns of three Democrats in this week's election, contrary to network rules.   I don't exactly respect him that much anymore -- he's as bombastic as Bill O'Reilly at Fox -- but when was the last time someone at FNC was suspended for contributing to the Republican Party?   Exactly.

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ck said...

but it's definitely now almost a carbon copy of the US Republicans minus the Cons' support for health care.

No, Harpercons are exactly like Rethuglicans on healthcare too. Remember everything Harper said on that subject during his glory days of Reform, NCC and Canadian Alliance. He always said he wanted "the markets to experiment..." I have a roladex. Then there's what Mad Max Bernier said recently on the subject. Trust me, those MPs are potted plants; they don't say or do anything without the master's say so without consequence.

And yeah, they are well on their way to becoming as extreme as France's extremist National Front party, or that new Swedish far right Neo-Nazi party or Wingnut Geert Wilders' Freedom Party in the Netherlands; given how their attitude toward non-white refugees and immigrants.

As for Olbermann, well, the progressive side needed an answer to Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck. In fact, progressives need to be as nasty as the right. Taking the high road, as we've seen in recent years has not served them well.

WILLY said...

CK said "In fact, progressives need to be as nasty as the right."

You have been saying this for a while CK and I'm finally with the program. You can not reason with the unreasonable and they need to be fought at every turn.

Who cares if Prentice was the most progressive of this current concoction of regressive conservatives. He was just smart enough to get out while the getting was still good.

Hopefully the rest will not be that lucky when they are finally booted from public office.

ridenrain said...

Olbermann: Worst person in the world.

Annie said...

idenwi'nobrain I an many other liked Olbermann. I knew he was a Democrat, but he was no worse than Fox, who gives to the Tea Party Loyalists.
Jim Prentice was the last of the Red Tories in that bunch.

ridenrain said...

..worst than FOX... Have you even seen FOX? Did O'Reilly or Beck get fired for doing something wrong?
The only cheerleader who was worst is Mathews. That thrill up his leg is an addiction that has robbed him of his objectivity.

smplcv said...

I was shocked hearing this news, Jim was a great person with leadership quality's. Anyways he is making way for some one else. Robert, excellent site..your were straight forward with every thing

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