Friday, December 17, 2010

Where's the bud, Bud?

Some countries impose currency restrictions to ensure there isn't a run on their money.   Like most democracies, both Canada and the US do not, nor is there a restriction on how much you can carry across the border, although both insist that if you are entering or exiting the country with more than a specified amount -- currently $10,000 whether specie or cash equivalent instruments -- you must file a currency declaration.

Two morons tried to enter the US city of Blaine, just south of Vancouver, with -- wait for it -- $658,000 in US and Canadian currency.   Cash.

No way to tell if it is profits from BC Bud, although with several hundred kilometres of unpatrolled border they would have chosen one of the ditches or low level cattle fences to make their run, not an actual border crossing.   Heck, even Mulroney crossed the border with $75k without declaring and no one stopped him.

And to think, if they had just said they had the money, they would have been let go.   They could have come up with an excuse like "We're high rollers and going to Vegas for the weekend."   It would have been believeable.  Instead, all that money is headed straight for Fort Knox.   Not that it'll make that much of a dent in the dwindling reserves the States has in trying to keep its useless currency afloat as its debt continues to skyrocket.

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