Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Catholic bishop bites the dust

Yet another RC bishop has tendered his resignation over the never-ending sex abuse scandal.   This time it's Cardinal Justin Rigali, the archbishop of Philadelphia.

One can only hope Joe Ratzinger doesn't take the coward's way out like his predecessor did, and reassigns Rigali to a Vatican job like Bernard Law got, thus granting Law (ironic name isn't it?) diplomatic immunity and therefore no chance he'll ever be prosecuted in the States for his almost certain part in the cover-up.   (I did say almost, whether he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is for a jury to decide should the Holy See ever get around to revoking his Vatican passport.)

How is it possible that the church that I belong to has this totally unique diplomatic status that no other church has?   I can think of only two other groups -- the Red Cross-Red Crescent Movement, and Saint John's Ambulance through the hospices of its parent that truly unique personality known as the SOMM -- that has this protection under international law.   It's ridiculous.   Child abuse is a serious allegation and it should never be an excuse to invoke diplomatic immunity.

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funeral directors Glasgow said...

A lot of these preachers preach against one thing and do another, including homosexuality. In fact, I’ve heard a lot of rumor about several Roman Catholic priests and even several bishops for years.
So, it wont be a surprise if it comes out that it’s true. Of course, they can hire the best lawyers in the world, so I hope these men are prepared for the long haul.