Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lahey sentenced -- fire the bastard

We learned today that the disgraced Roman Catholic bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Raymond Lahey, was sentenced to time served for possession of child pornography on his laptop which he was stupid enough to have in his carry-on and not in checked luggage.   Time served.

Some may say merely being disgraced in public fashion is punishment enough.    But I have to disagree.    As a member of the First Estate, indeed an "apostle" in the eyes of the church, Lahey not only should have known better but was expected to; and instead undermined the trust of a laity already disgruntled by the inaction of their church on sex abuse.

In my opinion, nothing less than excommunication (or dis-fellowship, if you prefer that term) is indicated.   But that's something only the church can do, and I'm not wasting my time waiting for the Holy See to exhale on this one.

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