Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The foot which rocks the (Con) cradle

I know, that's a terrible pun.   But the fact that two body parts which were hacked off a torso found in Montréal and then mailed to Conservative Party HQ -- one actually got there, the other was intercepted in the mail -- makes me wonder what message was being sent.

It's worth pointing out the addressee.   Not PMS, but his party.   Any mail being sent to the Prime Minister and the "recognized" opposition leaders (and one would hope, all Senators and MPs as well) is run through a dedicated and high security facility (with x-rays and bomb detector scanners).   But the storefronts for the parties -- they're fair game.   The party leaders all get a car and driver, and 24/7 security from the Mounties.   The party secretaries -- none.

Is somethings wrong with this picture?

Did the mailer really think that no one would notice?   And what if it had not been a body part, but anthrax?    It would take months to decontaminate the floor.

This is not the way to protest the policies of the ruling party.    As much as I don't like the Conservatives as they are now constituted (i.e. a rehash of the old Social Credit movement) no one should abide this truly sick stunt.    Even I would support the maximum possible sentence.

UPDATE (7:18 PM EDT, 2318 GMT):    The second package which was pulled was mailed to Liberal Party HQ.    Now it gets really interesting.    And this is one time the parties, divided as they may be, should close ranks and put their collective foot down.

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