Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dalton gets his way ... at what price?

Call me nuts, but if there's one thing I don't like about minority governments (also called a "hung legislature" in some other democracies) is that they often rule as if they have a majority.   Case in point -- Queen's Park finally passed the 2012 Ontario budget but only after a weeks long game of chicken.    With so many underemployed, welfare payments that are an insult (but in some cases are actually better than the jobs out there), and so many other problems from a lack of will to have a real power generation policy to sustaining fish and wildlife resources for the long term, it's no wonder why people are fed up.

Overall Dalton McGuinty has been a competent ruler -- at least he was during his first two terms.   He however like so many both left and right are prime examples of why a third term is exploitative -- that is, exploiting our good nature.    Two terms should be enough -- majority or minority.

As for the budget ... it's nothing to write home about, even if the top tax bracket is now 48½% instead of 46½%.

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