Thursday, October 25, 2012

R*@#^d Ann, huh?

Maybe it's because I was, at least in the first six or seven years of my life on this planet, a "slow learner" and had to spend Grades One and Two in the remedial program (along with very intensive speech therapy).   Or maybe because it's just Ann Coulter.   I am not mentally challenged (although my parents initially thought I may have been) but I do know people who are, who make a go of it every day and contribute to society as much as they can.

But this time, Coulter really hit way below the belt when she used Twitter to call Barack Obama a "retard" -- not just once but twice.

I am really at a loss for words on this one.   I suspect even many conservative columnists may finally be fed up with her shenanigans or her searches for the totally inappropriate mot juste.

I will readily concede I have said things that are rather inappropriate.   And yes that does include the "N" word even if only in reference to how much I hate the word.

I would have to suppose though that Coulter's worst nightmare is if someone who meets the medial criteria for what constitutes "retardation" actually is elected President during her lifetime.   Maybe having a disabled person in the Oval Office might actually get America back on track.   Certainly if democracy means anything, it's being able to speak one's mind whatever it is or any time he or she wants.   What constitutes class, however, is saying it in a way that is meaningful and casts the person who says it in a respectful way even if one disagrees with it.

Especially when a writer is eager to write off 7 million people in the States, 2/3 of which are old enough to vote, she may have triggered a GOTV campaign from one of the most unlikeliest quarters.  Far as I am aware, none of the 50 States or Washington DC forbids anyone who is "challenged" from voting, and ticking off any identifiable group is bound to really backfire.

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