Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let the "muzzled" speak

As disgusting the comments are from several MPs from the far right of the already right-wing and ruling Conservative party, I think they have a point about being muzzled by PMS, and should have the right to speak their minds in the Commons unimpeded.   After all, several MPs from the Liberal party said things on the floor during the 90s that were just as repugnant -- Rosanne Skoke for one -- and Chrétien didn't stop them.

Why should they have free reign?   Because they will help bury their own party at the next election.  Canada has taken pride in being a pragmatic country, not a doctrinal one.   And the more people know what the backbench stands for the more Canadians will wonder if the Cons really do "stand up for Canada" ™.

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