Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Isn't it time Parliament was like this EVERY day?

How refreshing it was to see a real Question Period in the House of Commons yesterday.   No histrionics.   No shouting.   No talking points that totally ducked the issue asked about.   No "impromptu" and grandstanding standing ovations.   Instead, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau asked short, straight and specific questions about Senator Mike Duffy and the $90,000 payoff from Stephen Harper's former chief of staff -- and there were straight answers.   25 in all over 60 minutes.

If the House of Commons was like this every day, like it was, say 25 years ago -- a lot would get done, and people would actually start having faith in our national legislators again.

Don't we wish, though.

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Anonymous said...

There were not too many straight answers from what I saw.

Harper had refused to answer, twice, Mulcair's repeated short simple question as to whether he had raised the issue in Cabinet.

Then Harper again refused to answer another simple question from Trudeau as to why he had claimed he only knew about the $90K payment on May 15 when CTV had already reported on it on May 14.

Yes, Harper did answer some questions reasonably but other answers were far from straight answers as the above two examples illustrate.

Hopefully, Parliament would not be like this everyday where the opposition had to basically try to squeeze answers from a PM who clearly was trying to stonewall rather than come clean and provide as much help as he could to get to the bottom of the matter.