Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hamilton cabbies attacked

The last few days here in Hamilton have seen a series of attacks against taxi drivers. Yesterday, two were arrested in one of those assaults -- a cabbie attacked at knifepoint for money.

But in total 13 have been attacked over the last week. No real sense where all of those attacks are ... suffice it to say, however, in a city with the vast area that Hamilton covers it's pretty easy to cover a lot of ground. Far as I've been able to read most of the crimes were committed within the urban boundary but the city does cover significant tracts of farmland and forests as well ... and of course, a few limestone quarries.

Pick up a fare downtown, order the driver to go out to the boonies, then whack him or her well away from a fire station where paramedics could do a rapid response like where the sprawl is. That's where I fear this is headed.

I don't normally take a taxi unless I absolutely have to ... but for many this is the only reliable means of transport especially since it goes door to door. Drivers, as well as passengers, deserve to be safe -- and shouldn't have to worry whether their next ride will be their last one.

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