Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kerry's choice: Obama

John Kerry snubbed his own choice for veep back in 2004, John Edwards, and has instead endorsed Barack Obama to get the Dem nom.

This is big news because of one big advantage Kerry has even though he's only running for re-election for the US Senate this year. A mailing list. 3 million in his e-mail address book, left over from four years ago. (Just for laughs, I put myself on it back then and I still get the occasional mailer from Kerry.) One address book he used very effectively during the 2006 mid-terms, when he targeted several House and Senate seats he thought were ripe for the taking. He urged his supporters to donate to the local Democratic candidates and they did. It wasn't the only factor in the Democrats winning back Congress but it certainly helped.

Now, he's going to see if maybe some of the residual good luck he had in 2006 can be extended just a bit further.

I still like Edwards, particularly for his anti-poverty strategy as well as his push for public health care; but Obama is a fine choice, and I'm sure he'll appreciate all the help he can get to stop the Comeback Gal.

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