Thursday, December 14, 2006

Again with the "holiday" trees

One again in the never-ending attempt to be "politically correct" at this time of year a Toronto magistrate, Judge Marion Cohen, ordered the removal of a Christmas tree from the lobby of the courthouse because it might "offend" non-Christians. A flustered Dalton McGuinty, who's Roman Catholic, doesn't seem to be too pleased and pointed out no one raises any hackles when Queen's Park lights up a menorah or marks Eid.

When the devoutly Jewish Mel Lastman was mayor of Toronto, he actually got through a by-law that said a Christmas tree is not a "Holiday" tree but a Christmas tree, no more or less. If he doesn't have a problem with it, why should this judge? I wrote about this last year around this time and my thoughts on it haven't changed at all. "Season's Greetings" just doesn't cut it. If I'm greeting someone I know to be a Christian, I say Merry Christmas. If I know they're not or if I'm not sure, I say Happy Holidays.

I don't put up a tree for personal reasons, but that doesn't give me the right to be a Grinch and tell someone to take down theirs. Judge Cohen should reconsider. Her ruling is not only offensive, it's also patently silly -- and for what it's worth, a Christmas tree is for the most part much more of a secular symbol in this country than a religious one.

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