Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is all that there is? (Rona Ambrose edition)

The auto industry and Big Oil makes cars that can run on 85% ethanol. Diesel can be made from cooking oil and other organic food wastes, blended with the normal diesel oil, and produce much cleaner output (i.e. lower sulfur content) as well as boost horsepower. With that in mind, as well as the Conservatives' plan to only begin reducing air pollution in the year 2050, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose announced oil companies will only have to have 5 percent ethanol or 2 percent biodiesel in their fuel content -- by 2012.

When a previous Conservative government -- the Progressive Conservatives, under Mulroney -- got a report saying lead poisoning was running at a rampant pace in minors, Brian didn't hestitate. He pushed forward the phase out period for lead in gasoline a full three years, in fact he gave the oil firms barely a year to make the conversion. The companies quickly adapted and found less harmful lead substitutes in no time flat. Was Canada's economy damaged permanently because leaded fuel has been outlawed here these past 15 years? No.

The infrastructure exists to produce clean fuels. One of the majors is already at 10 percent ethanol and is the market leader in Diesel #2 which has 97 percent less sulfur than the old kind. They didn't need to be told to do it, they did it because it's smart business. What, are the other companies chicken? Or did they get a deal because they're in bed (monetarily as well as Biblically) with the powers that be in Ottawa right now?

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