Monday, January 15, 2007

Bush claims it wasn't about revenge

Did I hear George W Bush correctly last night? That he took no pleasure out of the hanging of Saddam Hussein because he was not a vengeful person? The same Dubya, who by the way, oversaw 140+ executions during his time as Governor of Texas and granted clemency to only three Death Row inmates?

And just this morning, we're learning that two of Mr Hussein's co-defendants were also hanged -- and one was literally decapitated in the process.

I have not still seen the video of Hussein's execution and I have no intention to ever, because the whole idea is sick to begin with. Anyone who says the death penalty is not about revenge, respectfully, isn't being truthful because it is entirely about revenge. A sentence of life without parole (LWOP), on the other hand -- that would be, and would have been, justice.

The more I watched the interview last night (which was mainly focused on his plans for a troop "surge"), the more it became clear how isolated he is. No disrespect, but shunning the advice of the Wise Guys and Gal and threatening Syria and Iran instead of restoring full diplomatic relations with them is not my idea of engagement. Seems to me like Mr Bush thinks he has a God-given right to get rid of the Assads and the Guardians, too, because of some "unsettled" issues.

Vengeance isn't the job of a secular leader. It's the sole province of One alone -- the Lord. Bush might want to check his Bible to prove it. (Romans 12:19)

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