Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Next time, call in a REAL bomb threat

This is definitely not funny. Earlier today, there were no fewer than nine -- count them, nine -- bomb threats in Boston; one of them not too far from the head office of the company that now employs me. In this day and age, we get nervous about a discarded lunch bag or a milk box that goes "moo." So it's little wonder Beantown went into high alert when some electronic devices were found around town.

Only it now turns out it was a sick hoax, put on by the Cartoon Network -- the sister company of CNN. It was a publicity stunt for the late night show Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

At least when the Irish Republican Army was bombing things left right and centre, they called the BBC with a coded message giving some advance warning something was going to happen. Really going to happen.

What happened today really is like yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre where there was none. When the Mounties closed in on the Toronto cell, they got them just days before they could blow up the CN Tower and Parliament. And some other plots have been stopped as well based on a "clear and present danger." Frankly I think that Time Warner, the parent of CNN and Cartoon Network should be forced to pay for the extra policing costs as well as the nuisance they caused. There is simply no excuse for inconveniencing people like this in the name of cheap fun or advertising.

Especially when the current owners of Time are mostly Arab sheiks who sleep with Republicans and curse Democrats. If they bothered to check into Boston, they'd find there are a lot more GOPers in Massachusetts than Fox News would like us to believe; even if they are mostly liberal.

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