Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My third secret assassination, if I had one

There's the old joke that every world leader gets three secret assassinations. If I was Prime Minister of Canada, here are the three people I'd want bumped.

1. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe.
2. Than Shwe, Burma.
3. King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia.

The first two, pretty obvious. The third, I held off on because I couldn't decide who should be the third; until this week's news that a rape victim has been sentenced to two hundred lashes.

The victim is whipped while the perpetrator gets off scott free? Forget the Al-Saud's human rights abuses up till now. This one is truly worse than all the rest put together.

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James Bowie said...

I'm not sure if anything would change in those three countries. Maybe we can't solve problems by killing individuals do deal with international conflict.

BlastFurnace said...

I know, James ... it's wishful thinking. But it's a thought nonetheless.