Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to Canada, we speak Taser!

Why am I not surprised that Stockwell "Flintstones was a Documentary" Day refuses to even rethink the circumstances under which it may be necessary to use the Taser?

Guess this "New" Government doesn't like even immigrants from the European Union. Would it have hurt just to find someone, anyone at YVR, who spoke Polish?

The Mounties more than just dropped the ball, they sullied the Red Serge. It's not just those at the top of the chain who embezzle pension money. Now it's the front line officers we're supposed to count on; the crème de la crème among all law enforcement agencies in the country. They didn't calm him down, they didn't try to ask what help he needed and they didn't perform CPR.

They've been watching too much American TV. I thought our police were better than that; and that if they used a Taser they would have done it as the last line of defence, not the first. I support the use of deadly force if and only if it's needed. This immigrant didn't even have a chance to contribute to this country.

Lesson for the world: Canadians speak Taser; and Canada is not a country worth immigrating to. As for trade -- any hopes of Canada entering even exploratory talks about free trade with the EU as a possible shield against increasing American trade belligerence against Canada are pretty much shot, as long as PMS and Co. are in power.

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