Thursday, August 7, 2008

Phelps to protest McLean's funeral

Just when you thought Fred Phelps couldn't sink any lower. And the state of Kansas still gives this guy a minister's license so he can marry people? (Even if it is only straight, gay-hating opposite sex couples, mostly his own family members marrying other gay-haters).

What does the murder of an ordinary passenger on a bus travelling the milk run from Edmonton to Winnipeg possibly have to do with the issue of gay rights? Do we even know if Tim McLean was gay? And if he was, so what? No one deserves to be hacked to death like that. The notion he would have been "protected by God" if he was straight is just ... well, it's not even worth dignifying.

If anyone has any doubts about what the Westboro "Baptist" Church stands for and their precept of "Christian love," the Southern Poverty Law Centre -- a small but very influential anti-hate think tank -- has no fewer than 22 articles on their website about them. I guess this will make it number 23.

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Karen said...

I'm trying to figure out if hate laws apply to these idiots.

Phelp's himself is in Toronto picketing a play about himself.

It's difficult to understand how people this disturbed function in our society.

About McLean being gay, I haven't a clue and neither do they, but I suspect that there stupity would draw the conclusion based on a young man who fits all the outward societal norms of today, piercings, clothes etc, that he was.

Disgust doesn't begin to describe what these people evoke in me.

Anonymous said...

These idiots are totally sick. You know they go out of their way looking for this kind of crap because they are addicted to their own notoriety. I'm surprised Canada lets them in the country, particularly in a case like this where they've stated their intentions and their hatred for the nation. It seems to me there has to be some grounds to ship him out (if he is here already) and keep the rest of the family from crossing the border.

They've essentially announced they intend to disrupt the peace. Is that what they'll state at the border? Can you hear them saying, "The purpose of my visit is to provoke people I've never met at a funeral by calling their dead son immoral and Canada a cess-pool of moral decay."

Do you think you'd get across a nation's border by making such an intention known? Well, that's what they've just said.

Here's one time I hope the border guards "exercise their discretion" and find some reason to turn back or substantially delay their arrival to the great nation of Canada.

That guy said...

It's difficult to understand how people this disturbed function in our society.

They don't function in our society; that's the thing. The only people they ever actually talk to is each other.