Friday, August 8, 2008

Why does it always have to be the nice guys?

Man, oh man, John Edwards admits he did have an affair ... but denies the baby is his since he broke off the affair before it must have been conceived. Guess he can kiss a convention slot, and a cabinet post under Obama, good bye.

Why is that the guys who have the best platforms, end up being the same ones who stab their wives in the back? Sheez.

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A Eliz. said...

It is really too bad, what he did, because he really cared about people...I saw how he helped in New Orleans.
His wife gave a statement on CNN, and said he had told her right after his short affair, in 2006.

Suzanne said...

Maybe he's fessing up now so that he can "get that all out of the way" and maybe be considered for VP or some other appointment.

(Tacit) Admissions of extra-marital affairs didn't hurt Bill Clinton.

And I'm not sure I believe him about the baby.

BlastFurnace said...

Lizt, I totally agree, he was the real hero of the working class and the less fortunate -- not Hillary Clinton. I also admire him for his keeping New Orleans in the news. Again, it's just so sad his main plank about eliminating endemic poverty in the US will go down the drain with this news.

Suzanne, I don't exactly believe him either. But Andrew Young, his finance chief, claims he is the father; and the woman in question, Rielle Hunter, also told WaPo tonight that Young is the father.

That still doesn't explain the secret payments she received for her videography work -- or why she continued to receive a salary of $15k per month even after Edwards suspended his campaign. A paternity test is definitely needed to clear this up.