Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stevens throws in towel, McCain wins Missouri 15 days late

Ted Stevens finally conceded the Alaska Senate race today, after he got word that Sarah Palin had congratulated the winner, Mark Begich. It will be interesting to see how Begich works with Palin as well as his fellow Senator from the State, the GOP's Lisa Murkowski -- Senators not only represent the people in their state but also their state government, a throwback to the days before 1913 (and the 17th Amendment) when Senators were picked by the state legislatures. But I shed no tears at seeing Stevens go -- convictions or not. Anyone who would say the Internet is a "series of tubes" clearly is out of step with reality.

Meanwhile, the AP reports that the count in Missouri has finally been completed and McCain won the state's 11 electoral votes by just 3632 raw ballots cast. Final total for the Electoral College: Obama 365, McCain 173. Missouri's nearly 50 year bellwether streak is finally over. Still, the fact Obama made it so close in the crossroads of America bodes well for the donkey in future election cycles there.

Hey, I was off -13 for Obama. Not a bad guess, I would say.

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