Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Texas sex offender in Calgary, busted

Nothing is lower in the food chain for most people than someone who preys on children for their own sexual gratification. So it's good to hear that a fugitive from Texas has been picked up in Calgary. Steven Andrew Hayes, who was also picked up on an unrelated charge of using a fake social insurance number to work on a construction site, had been featured in January of this year on America's Most Wanted -- not in a feature story but in John Marsh's weekly "fifteen seconds of shame."

It's especially people like him that is a reason why I watch the show on a regular basis. It sounds incredible now but over twenty years ago when the show was first introduced police agencies were generally against the show -- yes, against it. They didn't want civilians "interfering" in their line of work and they must have felt that if they can't catch the bad guy or gal how can Joe or Jane Six-Pack?

But that's precisely the point. We the people have eyes and ears that the police don't. We can look for the places that cops sometimes miss. And sad as it is, when there is a murder or a drug bust, minor victims of crime often take a backseat. The overall success of the program over the years -- an average of about one arrest per week -- speaks for itself. It's especially satisfying when one of their busts is a sex offender.

One thing: Hayes actually had the gall to request political asylum in Canada saying he wouldn't last long in a US jail. Sorry pal, but the prison code also applies here and as far as the "no snitch" rule goes, prisoners make a huge exception for pedophiles.

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Anonymous said...

You said "it's especially because of people like him" that you watch that particular show.

You like like a pederast yourself! I've seen guys like you when I went to the prison to visit my brother. You look like a boy-lover. I'll bet you watch those programmes in the hopes of hearing about men who bugger little boys then go wank off.

So many of you "crusaders" against these sorts of people are making all this noise in the hopes we'll not suspect what you're really about.

We are not fooled!

BlastFurnace said...

If you have ever bothered to read this blog you would know that I am absolutely, 100% against pedophiles. I watch the show to see if I recognize one of those profiled so I can turn them in. Not that I ever have but if I did recall seeing one of the profiled I would turn them in like that.

People like that should be in the general prison population, not in segregation. Let the other convicts deal out their own brand of justice on them.