Sunday, April 5, 2009

"I am Kim Jong-Il, I launched missile and say F*@# You!"

To the surprise of absolutely no body, North Korea has launched the missile they said it would. This time out, two of the three stages were successfully fired. The third apparently failed meaning the "satellite" didn't make it to orbit. It's that third stage that would be needed to successfully launch a nuclear warhead -- which is what has so many countries on edge. Not surprisingly, Obama -- invited to a meeting of the EU leaders in Prague -- has called on the Security Council to do something. Expect quick vetoes from Russia and China to put an end to that talk.

If this is a cry for "help" for foreign aid, this is a hell of a stupid way to do it -- spending billions that could be used to FEED the people in North Korea instead of brainwashing them to goosestep everything they see their so called "Dear" Leader. TVs and radios in the country are already rigged not to receive signals from the South, and it's a capital crime to listen to foreign shortwave services such as the BBC, DW, Voice of America, and even Vatican Radio.

If the missiles the North wants could reach Alaska, it's just a bit more of a tweak before they could reach Canada. Turned the other way, they could reach Turkey or Greece -- NATO allies. As one of the very few countries that actually recognizes the North's government, we need to put our foot down and say we're not going to put up with the crap; and if they threaten our military partners in any way, the response from our allies and us will be furious. We still have veterans living from the Korean War who want the business from 56 years ago to be finished once and for all -- and the people of the North liberated.

If it means taking out the entire command and control of the North and the people that run it, then fine. Good bye and good riddance to the leadership of the north. Let freedom ring. Obama should not be afraid to act. The time to draw the line is now. No concessions.

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Sixth Estate said...

The "crap" in this case is the possession of nuclear-capable missiles of dubious quality. If merely possessing the missiles is that severe a threat, I'm not sure why we're so close allies with, just to name a few examples, France, Britain, or the United States - all of which possess much larger arsenals which could also technically be directed against Canada.

I say technically because of course they never would be. But then, neither would North Korea's. Not with an exponentially larger American arsenal poised to obliterate their entire country.