Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talk about a joy ride ...

After yesterday's horrific earthquake in Italy, I thought what could possibly top that. Then came the story of a kid who steals a plane from a fight school in Thunder Bay, Ontario -- and flies south over several US states. He gets "escorted" by two F-16s who keep trying to communicate with the pilot who waves but offers no radio answer. Finally, the plane cuts out of fuel and lands on a rural highway in southern Missouri. Of course the pilot was arrested -- but for a while people were wondering what the hell was going on. Was this a sarin attack, or worse?

I really have not too much comment on that one. In this post 9/11 world, wouldn't there be reason to be worried? In this case, NORAD worked exactly the way it was supposed to and for that, I suppose we should be grateful. But we can't have too many close calls, or distractions from what could be an actual terrorist event.


As for the earthquake, I noticed that at this time the Red Cross here is asking Canadians to hold off on donations directed for disaster relief in Italy, until the CRC's Italian counterparts get a better idea of what they're dealing with. With this being a week where both Passover and Easter are marked, it's probably a good idea to give to the CRC or the charity of your choice anyway so the money can go to where the greatest need is. Just make sure your dollars go to a charity that has a generally low overhead and where its executives don't live high off the hog.


It happens in waves every few months, and I've been getting them again in my comments bin. "Nice blog. I will continue reading your blog." Then, there's a link on the bottom -- the top level domain indicates Western Samoa or Mainland China.

Folks, let me say this again: I'm trying to write a serious blog here (with maybe a hint of wit every so often). If you're going to advertise something, or if you're going to be a shill for the Beijing government, find somewhere else to write.

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