Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rescuers get rescued

Yesterday morning, there was a special bulletin on the radio about someone who was hunting, who got caught in an ice floe and a rescue mission was underway. It turns out the victim was indeed rescued, but then the rescue team got stranded on the way back to their own port and themselves had to be rescued.

No, I'm not making this up. This definitely isn't funny, but yet more proof positive the climate changes we're responsible for in the South are wreaking havoc way up North -- and we can expect to have more incidents like this. Thank God everyone was safe, and one can only hope beyond hope that no one dies in the future. Of course, most of the televangelists and their followers won't ever be convinced and they wouldn't be even if they could see the evidence for themselves up close.
Quite frankly, if Jesus came back today, he'd be executed by the religious right, before sundown, because they'd think he was the anti-Christ -- such is their unbelief.

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penlan said...

Don't know what you mean when you added in televangelists & their followers to this post. It doesn't tie in for me along with the "Jesus would be executed today...". I'm talking about the relevance of this to the topic of rescuers getting stranded. I'm missing something in this picture.

BlastFurnace said...

This was a rush post so maybe I didn't have time to talk through my thoughts about it. My point was that the shifts in global warming which have made summers much longer in the North and sudden shifts back to winter are going to make events like this much more common. Televangelists, or most of them, are so focused on the "signs of the times" that they want to focus on (the Middle East, the rise of the EU, etc.) that they don't want to see the canaries in the cold mine. The evidence is clearly there -- the weather shifts are happening and they are almost certainly permanent -- but they do not want to see the less "noteworthy" yet no less obvious signs of the times.

That's what I was getting at -- they'll deny that this even happened, or if it did it wasn't because of man's shifts on nature. And if the ultimate sign happened, they'd deny it too.

Sorry, I have the tendency to rant ... but it just ticks me off.

penlan said...

Your clarification now makes sense to what you said in your post. Thanks.