Friday, November 6, 2009

What they are expected to say

I got a call about 4:45 pm (Eastern) today from someone who said they were an organizer for Terry Anderson, the federal Conservative candidate in my district (Hamilton Mountain) for the "coming election." (Hint, hint -- looks like PMS may call one when even the media least expects it). The caller asked if they could count on my support. I said, quite matter of factly, "No ... I'm a card-carrying Liberal."
"Oh thank you ..." the caller breathlessly began -- then she realized what I said and laughed. "I'm sorry. I guess I was answering what I'm expecting to say."
"That's quite all right," I replied, "but you have a nice day."

"Thank you."
What they are expected to say? I thought politics was about dialogue. I was willing to talk about some issues on my mind but she didn't even want to hear from me. She didn't even take the chance to see if I could be persuaded to defect.

I'm surprised they even called me at all. I would have thought the Cons would have scanned for all the "progressive" blogs, taken names, and struck them off the list.
That's Team Harper for you. But I'll take the hint that an election is coming.

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Anonymous said...

There's an election coming 2012.

Jim said...

Didn't you feel kind of ashamed actually admitting that you were a "card carrying Liberal"?

As well, why do you advertise your IQ in your profile not to mention your relationship status?

Seems oddly insecure to me.

BTW, my IQ is 144 and I have been married for 12 years. :)

Have a nice life and good luck in finding a great woman (if it is a woman you fancy).

Protip: Women generally are liberal in their veiws, but tend not to like liberal men.

Megan said...

Wow Jim. That just sounded pathetic. I can't sum it up any better. Just completely and utterly pathetic.

Here's a couple "pro-tips" for you :) from a woman. Women like men who can think for themselves, regardless of their political affiliation. Women like men who are able to engage in meaningful discussion and don't have to resort to caveman levels in order to feel self-important.

Good thing you're married, because you sure wouldn't be a popular one among women now.

penlan said...

Jim said:
"As well, why do you advertise your IQ in your profile not to mention your relationship status?"

Where does it say that Jim? I don't see it & what does it matter anyway. And what is the purpose of getting so personal with Robert? You sound like one heck of a sick puppy - like most Con trolls.

BlastFurnace said...

I was already in the process of updating my profile info when Jim posted his message -- I hadn't hit the update button yet. I decided to let the message stay posted to prove a point -- that too many Cons in this country feel that only they are entitled to happiness, even when it comes to family life.

Many are more open minded and are willing to have the kind of dialogue I spoke of. In the past, I would have voted for Mr. Anderson because 1) he was a city councillor and here in Ontario local politics are non-partisan (unlike in some provinces, or the US or the UK); 2) local politics require coalition building from all sides within a city and even within a ward or district.

I'll admit to voting for Fred Eisenberger (Hamilton's current mayor) although he is a Con, but that's because he still knows how to build that kind of support. Anderson in the last election, however, made it quite clear what he thinks about dialogue -- without saying it, he feels it's compromise. The brevity of the conversation indicated he still holds that view. My hope was by indicating my affiliation some kind of conversation could be undertaken. That's what it comes down to -- HOPE, instead of fear.

The nastiness began a long time ago in the House, but the kind of cheering and jack-ass behaviour we see at every question period these days used to be reserved for the reply to speech from the throne -- after that, it was actually civilized and polite. Boy those were the days -- when a jackass moment did occur such as Trudeau's "fuddle duddle" (yeah, we know what he said!) or that MP who laughed when another MP talked about marital rape there was almost immediate censure.

FWIW, I'm actually quite indifferent now to whether I do luck out or not in my personal life. I appreciate the support from those who do support me -- but I have to be realistic.

CanadianSense said...

Most likely after the hundreds of calls your were the first person who publicly admitted they are a card carrying member for the Liberal Party.

I am confident the scripted answer was to be polite and terminate the call.

It was a mistake, they should have engaged you and asked for reasons why you still have any faith in the party that keeps voting in the HOC to pass CPC legislation.

They probably did not want to upset you that Hamilton is currently voting NDP either.

BlastFurnace said...

FWIW, by the time there is an election call, I may have already moved to another district within the city where it is much more competitive between the Liberals and the NDs.

And truth be told, I've never had a beef with the current MP (an ND) here. She has actually returned my phone calls on the occasions when I've been inclined to sound of, which is something I appreciate even if I don't vote for her.