Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP Miep Gies

Among the thousands of angels of mercy during World War II who worked to save the lives of Jews during World War II, it is sad that only three are widely known:  Raoul Wallenberg, Oskar Schindler and Miep Gies.    Schindler died decades ago and Wallenberg is still technically missing in action although presumed dead.   It was Miep Gies and her colleagues' act of helping out the Franks and the Van Pelts during the war, and of her preserving Anne Frank's diary, that rightly gave her the place in history she deserves.   She died yesterday at the age of 100.   God bless you, ma'am, for what you did.

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Anonymous said...

May you rest in peace Mrs. Gies, thank you for standing up for what is right. Your courage and noble actions will live in the hearts of millions. You were and still an inspiration. God bless you dear Miep.

Claudia V-T.
California USA.