Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black out on bail

So it looks like His Lordship, Conrad Black, has gotten bail.   The federal judge at the original trial -- Amy St. Eve -- who had the case remanded back to her by the Supremes in Washington -- has released Black on $2 million bail but ordered that he stay within the US while she considers how he should be resentenced.

This may not be the end of his problems.   The IRS is claiming he owes $72 million income taxes although he says that doesn't have to pay as he was not a resident of the States at the time.    Interesting argument if he earned even one dollar of American income.    And of course, he renounced his Canadian citizenship and now wants back into Canada -- and  it was suggested last night on The National that there are some movers and shakers who want to expedite the process.

While thousands of others wait months, even years, to get into here?   No way.   Get to the back of the line, sir, just like my father did.

If Harper even thinks about giving Black a free pass, let alone giving him one, that could be the end of his career in any line of work, let along politics.

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