Friday, July 9, 2010

Can't read the signs? Pay the ticket!

One of the major park festivals here in Hamilton -- "It's Your Festival" -- wrapped up during the weekend, but people are still complaining about the special parking regulations put in place on several streets adjacent to Gage Park and how some motorists were "shocked" to get tickets of $30 or more even though the area was clearly marked "by permit only."    This was done in response to residents in the area complaining for eons about how driveways were being blocked and how side streets were impassible -- in fact for years some in the area just stay out of town for the weekend.   Not to mention the problems emergency vehicles had navigating the obstacle course -- often on streets and through neighbourhoods conceived long before the era of the car.

Those from out of town that got ticketed say they're never coming back to do anything in Hamiton, ever again.

Oh boo hoo!

I agree that perhaps some of the city parking lots down the main drags -- Main and King -- could have been set aside to handle overflow parking with shuttle buses put in place.   This is what is done for special events on the harbour front when the neighbourhoods there go on lockdown.

But ignorance is not an excuse.   And it's not like there wasn't advance warning, there was plenty of it.   So if you got a ticket, suck it up.   At least you can read ... or we presume you can.

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