Monday, January 31, 2011

The never-ending stadium debate -- ends ...

As a snowstorm bears in for the part of the world from which I write this, I cannot help but shudder at two items from the Hammer.   First, the whole stadium debacle seems to have been resolved at the very last minute -- with the deadline of tomorrow, Dalton McGuinty coughed up just enough money to ensure renovations at Ivor Wynne can take place.

There's a debate at Hamilton's City Council this hour, and while the final result seems certain, I'm just angered that it took so long to sort this out.   Anywhere else, the stadiums would have sited, the leases signed and the financing sorted out -- well before the bid book had been presented to the organization that supervises the Pan-Am Games.   It took this long after Toronto won its bid -- on the first ballot no less -- for Hamilton to get its act together?

The other thing -- the Farmer's Market is reopening tomorrow back at its old home, the basement of the Central Library.   To celebrate, the adjacent shopping mall is now closing every night at six.   Meanwhile all the other malls stay open until 9 or later.   Is there something wrong with this?   Downtown's been dying for years, and the solution is to chase out people from downtown even on Thursday and Friday nights?

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