Friday, January 28, 2011

Out of context, yet again

Ads that quote one's enemies completely out of context like the present batch of Conservative ads which are clearly aimed at discrediting the Liberal leader?   (HT:   Kady O'Malley).   Par for the course -- the Karl Rove, "anyone who is against me is a traitor" course.   What I do find interesting is that once again there are those who are trying to make this an all or nothing debate -- between corporate or personal tax cuts.   The supply side versus the demand side.

I actually support a mix of both, provided the cuts are measured and primarily benefit small businesses as well as lower and middle income families -- the real drivers of the economy.   But we've seen what happens when you take out $14 billion each and every year from the most reliable source of revenue there has been for the last twenty years -- the GST.  You go from surplus to deficit in no time at all.

Surpluses may indeed be "excess revenues" as many claim, but they also allow for a gradual reduction in taxes as well as the ability to put away money for a rainy day.   When you're chronically in deficit you have to slash and burn something at some point.   Whatever happened to the Reformers that actually advocated fiscal prudence?   I don't see any right now.   And cutting taxes when you're in deficit can be self-defeating -- it makes the deficits worse.

And these be the Puritans that run Canada, too -- I thought they would have tried to avoid anything that was sexually suggestive -- you know, like, "YES, YES, YES!!!"

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