Thursday, February 3, 2011

"I was for democracy, before I was against it"

Just an observation -- I find it funny that those who keep saying we must "Stand Up For Israel ™ " pointing out among other things that the Jewish state is the only true democracy in the Middle East -- are now up in arms at the possibility that the dominoes of democracy might actually start falling in Arab countries.   For instance, "Pastor" John Hagee said that Hosni Mubarak has been a good friend of Israel and now that he's going all bets are off.

Funny ... Hagee was for democracy before he was against it???

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Anonymous said...

Iran went "democratic" in 1979.
Look at it now.
Hagee is right.

Annie said...

Mike Pearson got a Nobel Peace prize and out of those talks on the Suez, there was a treaty signed.
The opposition leader, Nobel Peace himself there would be nothing to worry about with Israel

BlastFurnace said...

It's a generally accepted rule that democratic states don't declare war -- at least openly -- against other democratic states. Sure, we've seen the funny business the US has engaged in when the CIA got rid of the elected leaders of South Vietnam, Chile and El Salvador, among others.

It is indeed worrisome that after "imposing" democracy on Iraq and Afghanistan, those countries still don't recognize Israel. If we knew that back in 2001 I don't think anyone would have supported the invasions of those countries.

And one should indeed be concerned if Egypt and then Jordan decide to rip up their respective peace treaties.

My point, though, is that many especially on the right don't even want to give people in Egypt the benefit of the doubt. In the long run, normalizing relations pays off economically and I think people there will see that.