Thursday, February 24, 2011

What did Bill Davis know and when did he know it?

The King of Brampton retired from politics back in 1985, but this happened on his watch, indeed even before he was first elected .   Really -- wild grasses and weeds on Ontario's public highways were treated with Agent Orange!   Maybe explains Dalton McGuinty and his pack of mutants running this province now ...

Seriously, however, the forests that were clear cut to print the NYT for 50 years were also sprayed with the deadly dioxin.   Did people reading the paper during the second half of the last century get traces of the chemical?

When people were travelling did they also get the tailwind of excess spray?

Is it really a coincidence so many DMV workers are in a cancer cluster?

This has class action written all over it and it has the potential to bankrupt an already broke province.   Or Premier Dad could just say, we can't apologize for the sins of the past -- like, let's say, the World War I era Regulation 17 which tried to Anglicize Franco-Ontario (where a lot of the Orange was used decades later).

Just a coincidence?   Hmmm ...

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