Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grapes admits he was wrong, but is it enough?

A week after his half-hearted "apology" Don Cherry tried Take Two.    This time he actually said, "I was wrong."   He also attacked a current player for doing a mocking "nighty-night" pantomine after taking out an opposing player, although also applauding him for quickly admitting showboating was wrong.

Is this a new Cherry we're seeing?    Don't make me laugh.    But when a tough guy admits he made a mistake, it may be a hopeful sign.    If only we had more of that in the Langevin Block.


Anonymous said...

I suspect Cherry's apologetic remarks were driven more by threats of legal action than any sincere chance of heart on the subject.

BlastFurnace said...

Frankly that's my sense as well, RT and LCB. But the three players who threatened to sue him have now said they won't so I'll move on on this subject as well.

Jeff Alsey said...

Apology or not it's time for him to go.
Please read and sign this petition if you want Don Cherry off the Coach's Corner..and tell your friends!