Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rick Mercer: "It gets better" isn't enough

Frankly, Rick says it way better than most of us.    The crap that leads 300 students in this country to commit suicide every year because they can't stand the bullying over their being LGBT has got to stop.

(Transcript here, thanks Rick for saving a lot of us having to speed transcribe)

As much as we should support the "It Gets Better" campaign, it simply isn't enough to say we're against bullying LGBT persons, in fact any one straight or not, we have to mean it in our words and actions.


Anonymous said...

The larger problem for Mercer is that he pays lip service to this issue but doesn't put his own position "out there". Come on Rick, man up and let's see you and Gerald Lunz make a PSA to help this problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your stats are accurate.

It may be that 300 kids commit suicide in Canada every year but the vast majority of them are not LGBT.

Do your homework before professing to know what you are talking about.

Ryan Kirkpatrick said...

To the two Anons above, Especially the one whining about the stats, what typical homophobic reactions from you, if you don't believe the stats, provide us with sources to support your challenge, simply denying them is no different than sticking your head in the sand. Rick Mercer has been "out" for many years, and what the heck did you think he was doing with his now famous rant!?!? To bad neither of you had the guts to put your name to your comment.