Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Did Bernardo do it?

Did he murder Elizabeth Bain?

From today's Toronto Star, what follows is a partial transcript of a conversation that Bernardo had with police June 7, 2007 at the Kingston Federal Penitentiary where he is serving a sentence of life without parole. Notice how Bernardo answers it with a very lengthy preamble interjected by several supplementary questions, when a simple "yes" or "no" up front would suffice. Also check this link to see the too close for comfort coincidences between the rapes in Scarborough and the circumstances regarding the disappearance of Bain; particularly the brand of cigarettes found in Bain's car, the radio station tuned into, what was in the cassette deck and the way the car was parked when Bain vanished.

You be the judge.

Police: Um, did you kill Elizabeth Bain on June 19, 1990?
Bernardo: Well that's a loaded question. I mean, are we going to go back and go through the time sequence of what happened in my life. I mean I could just give a yes or no answer. But you know, there are a lot of issues about that.
Police: Right.
Bernardo: You know, Karla's and my role. Who did what, when, why – you guys, you know, go down there to get a polygraph to get to see if she's telling the truth. Why didn't they do it in the first place? ... why would he make a deal with someone and not give them a polygraph? It's incomprehensible. You know, because ... my file says her version and it's a lie. ... I'm not making frivolous points here. And now, you're asking me, after Peel Regional says I'm lying about this and now you're saying I'm lying about my profile. ... and now you're saying hey, did you kill this person? I mean if you're saying I'm lying here, here and here. I could say no, I didn't, but, I mean you already said I'm lying here with the Peel. You say ...
Police: I'm not saying anything about who's lying. I'm simply ...
Bernardo: And I've given you directions to go to find the truth and no one has done that.
Police: Right. And again I've told you that I've done the investigation from what information you've told me and ... I've been able to verify in my mind where you've told me the truth. So if Peel Region is lying about you or someone else is lying about you, I have no control over that or (inaudible).
Bernardo: It goes right to credibility.
Police: Well, absolutely. ... I hope to be able to go through some timelines here and identify where you were, what you were doing specifically in relation to this case.
Bernardo: Anyways, I know I'm giving you guys a hard time but I mean really. I'm a human being. When you guys do all these things, I've gotta. I'll try to give you a little bit more but. Anyways the answer to that is no. But the 800-pound gorilla in a room – that's life-25 sentence, you know. It really comes down to credibility.
Police: Right.
Bernardo: And not only credibility but then again timelines, what Karla's and my roles were respectively and this and that – the answer is no to that question.
Police: Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?
Bernardo: No.
Police: Did you know Elizabeth Bain?
Bernardo: Not that I know of.
Police: Had you ever met her?
Bernardo: I'm going to answer that one with I don't remember. Because if I did, I don't remember. I know an ex-girlfriend, which I can think – but I don't know.

I had to smirk at the part where Bernardo calls himself a human being. Of course he is, but what kind?

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