Friday, April 25, 2008

That's how they got Capone and Bakker

Not for the St. Valentine's Day massacre or alcohol running (as in the case of Capone.) They (i.e. the government) nailed him on tax evasion.

Not for a high flying lifestyle or his heretical beliefs (as in the case of Bakker). It was for overselling a time share hotel project and committing mail fraud when he filed a false tax return.

And so it is with Wesley Snipes, who was sentenced yesterday to three years in jail not for his past legal troubles including reckless driving and carrying a fake passport, but for not paying income taxes; in fact not bothering for filing to file a tax return. He was lucky to be acquitted on felony tax fraud unlike his co-defendants who set up a tax shelter in a deliberate attempt to evade taxes.

Too bad in a way, because he's a really talented actor as well as a martial arts expert, among his other gifts. He could have just admitted "his problem," had the matter referred before a tax tribunal at the IRS and paid a relatively small penalty in addition to the back taxes. It's not like he can't afford to pay.

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