Friday, April 11, 2008

That's all the elephant has left, name calling?

With nothing to lose but the election, many Republicans have resorted to calling both Barack Obama names and Hillary Clinton names; the former by pointing out his middle name Hussein associating himself with the former President of Iraq even though there was another Hussein which was a strong ally of the US (the late King Hussein of Jordan), the latter by referring to Clinton (usually with a whispering voice) with an adjective that rhymes with "Cadillacs."

Now it's extended to the congressional races.

According to TPM's Election Central the Republican campaign committee for House of Representatives seats is running an ad against the Democratic nominee for Lousiana's 6th district, in a by-election to fill the vacant seat on May 3rd. They're trying to rhyme Don Cazayoux with "tax you." In a state with a large Cajun population and the only one that has French as an official language, one wonders how well that will play out.

Not too well, one hopes.

Note the disclaimer at the end where it says it's authorized by the Republican House Conference, not by the GOP nominee himself. Yeah, like anyone's going to believe that.

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