Monday, October 6, 2008

Is the economy the game changer?

By all accounts, this election should have been a walk in the park for Steve Harper. Notwithstanding his faults which are many, he must have reckoned that enough Canadians wouldn't care enough and he would get the majority he desires.

But enough Canadians are directly in the markets, or indirectly through their company pension plans, that they do care. And the economy matters very much in the minds of people in this country. After today's wild ride on the stock markets, one wonders whether this may be what the opposition parties were hoping for all along -- and if so, how it will translate into real numbers next Tuesday at the polls. The fact it's taken this long for Harper to admit that we might have a problem is indicative. Might? Of course we do!

One thing to look for are the numbers of people who have voted in advance or by mail, which Elections Canada will release sometime later in the week. If it's more than last time or close to it, that's a bellwether for change in one direction or the other. Given that Harper's once commanding lead has begun to shrink bit by bit, a stalemate may be the best one can hope for at this stage.

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kenchapman said...

You got it! The economy is the game changer and Harper is not worth the risk

Anonymous said...

My own belief is if we were gong to have some kind of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now,