Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If this is al-Qaeda's idea of a swap meet ...

While I had a bone to pick with Kathy Shaidle in my last post, I agree with her on this issue. The kidnappers of an Italian journalist reporting in Afghanistan, named Gabriele Torselo are saying they'll release her if and only if an Afghani ex-patriate, Abdul Rahman, is sent back to the land of the Taliban. Rahman faces a death sentence in his country for the crime of converting to Christianity, even though the Afghan Supreme Court ruled Rahman was probably not fit to stand trial because of "mental ilness."

Rahman made his choice to convert out of free will. We don't as a matter of routine question someone if they convert from Christianity to another religion voluntarily. Turns out Torselo did. That doesn't give the other side the right to bully us. It's people with narrow minded mentalities like that which we are fighting against, and must destroy. Freedom may not mean the same thing in South Asia as it does in the West, but there's a general consensus people should be free to be who they want to be, not what others want them to be.

So to the Taliban pieces of shit, we Christians have these three words. No fucking way! Rahman's ours, and we're keeping him. And if you don't release Torselo unharmed and without conditions, you'll get your seventy-two virgins all right in due time. They'll be Satan's sisters.

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