Monday, October 9, 2006

Pyongyang goes nuclear

So it's official. North Korea did, in fact, test a nuclear device and may have started a whole new regional arms ace on purpose. One can't believe Kim Jong Il and his audacity. He is no longer a man who can be trusted except in terms of going to the lowest common denominator. He actually believes it's a greater sanctity to spend zillions getting the bomb he wants, while he starves his 23 million subjects -- all of whom could easily be fed if his country's army disbanded. (Yes, subjects, NK is in fact the world's only communist monarchy, despite its claim it's a republic.)

Needless to say, regional reaction has been quite swift. Even Pakistan -- Pakistan! -- which thumbed its nose at the world when it went nuclear, said NK's move was clearly misguided, and "destabilizing." What has been really destabilizing, however, is the world refusing to stand up to Pyongyang sooner. Now it must reap the rewards and risks. North Korea keeps provoking the world because it wants Communism to remain the guiding force of its part of the penninsula -- they want aid in return for nuclear "cooperation."

Forget it. We got fooled back in 1994, we sure as hell won't get fooled again. Mainland China, in particular, must do the one thing that would end Communism in NK once and for all -- cut off the electricity. The short term pain would more than pay off with the liberation of people who deserve nothing less than to be free; and having a democratic neighbour would be more stabilizing for the region than a hostile one.

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