Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stephen Harper says (2006-10-19)

So let's get this straight: Stephen Harper says we're in Afghanistan because the people there need our help in building their democracy. He condemns North Korea for pursuing a nuclear arms program, many of whose missiles could reach Canada -- and says there should be only one Korea.

Yet as far as he's concerned there is only one China. The democratically elected government in Taiwan has no right to exist, according to him, but for the favour of the butchers in the Mainland who if they had their way would destroy democracy everywhere, including in Canada and the United States. Pretty appropriate coming from a man who's against democracy and free thought in his own party.

Then, Stephen Harper says that the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol are impractical, that it would destroy Canada's economy and that we need a made in Canada solution.

So he announces that Canada will indeed cut greenhouse gases by fifty percent -- by the year 2050. Geez, Steve, I'm going to be 78 by that time, and I won't need to go to Florida for my winter sun -- because they will be twenty feet under water and it'll be twelve months of summer here. Guess he figures that since he bleeds oil it's better just to turn the taps way up. Except that supply will run out too and we'll be back to getting energy from -- oh, let's see, Saudi Arabia?

He alienates the vast immigrant community from Hong Kong who came here specifically because they had no intention of being ruled by Beijing (and we've seen what "one country, two systems" really has meant since 1997), as well as a growing number of Albertans who are getting worried about the huge influence the oil patch has on politics. So there goes Vancouver and downtown Toronto -- neither of which voted for Harper anyway and now have one less reason to in the next round. He could potentially lose a few districts in Edmonton and Calgary which also have ex-pat communities.

Where does he think he's going to get his majority from if he even loses a couple of seats where his base is? He's given up on Québec, after all.

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