Thursday, June 28, 2007

Benoit's Wiki altered before bodies found

The case of Chris Benoit took a rather bizarre turn earlier today when it was revealed someone updated his Wikipedia entry early Monday morning to reflect his wife had died. Even weirder is that someone made the change in Stamford, Connecticut -- where the headquarters of the WWE are located. Only thing is, this was 14 hours before the bodies of the couple and their son were found.

Also we learned Benoit's physician's office was raided; one presumes for possible evidence of illegal prescription handling or at least irregularities.

So, what did they know, and when did they know it? And by they I mean the WWE and those under contract to it.

I believe in the presumption of innocence but I'm beginning to not like the looks of this. True, one can log on to any computer anywhere and track another computer and assume its IP address ... but if that is the case then why didn't the WWE shut down its computers to investigate possible tampering? And those text and phone messages -- about Benoit's wife coughing up blood and the side door being left open for the dogs? Why weren't the police called right away?

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rabbit said...

I went on to Wikipedia and looked at the history for the Chris Benoit entry.

The earlist reference to his death appears to be 22:05 (10 PM) Monday, here:

I can find no reference to his or his wife's death before this.

Thus I don't get the "early Monday morning" bit. If someone could provide an earlier Wikipedia version citing his wife's death...

Benoit has had a massive amount of editing on his Wikipeidia article, even before his death. Literally in the thousands.

BlastFurnace said...

Thanks for the input, rabbit. I'm just looking at what the AP reported and commenting on that ... still, I get the feeling we're not being told the whole story. Not by the press, not the cops, not the WWE.

Anonymous said...


only because I don't know anything about how to trace the changes, a question / clarification:

The articles talk about a change at 12:01 am Sunday referencing his wife's death - not his death. Can you find any reference of a change at that time at all?

The change was apparently in reference to him missing the events a day or two before due to his wife's death (and the obvious fact that no one should have really known about the murders at that point, except him.