Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton: Go directly to jail; do not pass Go or collect $200

It's hard not to smile at the news Paris Hilton is going to jail after all just a day after she was released because the LA Sheriff thought she was going to "lose it". Especially after reports she was taken out of the court kicking and screaming.

She wants sympathy? Message to the heiress to the motherlode:

Get a life, Hilton. At least you didn't go on a racist rant after you got caught DUI -- unlike Mel Gibson. But like Gibson, the real you came out; had to eventually and it did today. Like the Romans once said, in vino veritas. So take it like a woman and bite the bullet and use the 45 days to think about your place in American life. Given society's intolerance for drunk drivers, you actually got off with a slap on the wrist.

And to the Republicans: You really want someone like her in your party? Or her family? If I were you I'd expel them all, even if they are among the RNC's biggest supporters.

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