Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just when I thought work was weird enough ...

Just a slight beef with work today. I'm not complaining about the workload, if anything it's been a slow summer and we've had less than expected.

However, and for whatever reason, the particular business unit I'm in at work suddenly decided it needs its own toll free number. Or at least share the one that's used by the team that compiles lemon law complaints before sending them on to the legal department.

Which means memorizing a whole new number, new extension -- and, just possibly, a new fax number as well. And while we each now have a direct phone number also we really can't be using that either. After all, there's no individual in a team and we can't be seen being on customers' "favourites" lists.

Anything to make life more complicated. Oh, and we still don't actually have a manual for what we do -- we have to make one ourselves.

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