Monday, July 30, 2007

Prayers for a friend

A request from me to all of my readers. A friend of mine, a single mother, is trying to get a restraining order against a truly evil man -- one who abused her two children and assaulted her. I can't name names at this time due to legal reasons, but from what I understand it's notoriously hard to persuade a justice of the peace to issue such an order let alone criminal charges, because the courts naturally assume it's the custodial parent who had something to do with it; and I know this person well enough to know she truly is a victim here and so are her kids.

Oh ... and the guy's here illegally too, and managed to get a work permit while his immigration application is processed.

So, if you could all spare a prayer today for her? That she begins to see that justice is finally served. And the coward is deported back to his home country where, oddly enough, he faces even more wife assault and child endangerment charges.

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