Friday, September 14, 2007

Kneel and show proper respect to the King -- Tom Monaghan

Another HT to AveWatch: A group of Catholic legal scholars -- liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat -- have issued a rare joint statement saying how dismayed they are at the state of affairs at Ave Maria University's School of Law.

They're not the only ones watching. The American Bar Association is considering whether to end the school's accreditation based on the recent relatively high turnover of tenured professors there; contradicting the claims of ultra-rightist Brent Bozell who claims the ABA gave the school a clean bill of health. (Accrediting means, among other things, a law degree issued by the school will be honoured in all 50 states -- not just the state where the degree was issued.)

And as for Tom Monaghan himself ... he apparently has some rather odd ideas about what a woman should wear during the winter, and how they should behave before men with tons of money like him. Like the woman who was forced to kneel before him -- a married, Catholic woman -- because he wanted to make sure her skirt touched the floor.

This last one should be enough to make any atheist's blood boil -- let alone a Catholic like me, even if I lean moderate-to-liberal.

Especially since that's how I lean, in fact. Even if I was conservative, I'd be calling for his suspension from the Church. There comes a point when one goes too far, and Monaghan crossed that line a long time ago. Kathy Griffin's uncalled for remarks at the technical Emmys the other day were outrageous but they pale in comparison to this man's schenanigans since he sold Domino's -- a man who actually said: "If you can franchise pizza restaurants, why can't you franchise Catholic schools?"

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