Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Rallo FREE?

I was barely just shy of four years old when it happened, but I have a memory of it and it still sends chills up my spine. The name John Rallo in fact sends chills up the spine of nearly every Hamiltonian with a conscience. Except for John Rallo himself. In August 1976, Rallo smashed his wife in the face, strangled her and dumped her in the Welland Canal; then smothered his daughter Stephanie and dumped her naked body in Jordan Harbour; then finally disposed of his son Jason and made sure his body would never be found.

He was quickly arrested and summarily convicted on three counts of murder one. Through several parole hearings he has steadfastly maintained his innocence. Yesterday, however, the National Parole Board suddenly had a change of heart and ordered him moved from the federal prison in Gravenhurst to a half-way house in Sudbury.

That's right, folks. They gave a child killer DAY PAROLE.

This cold-blooded, heartless, amoral motherfucking prick of a cocksucker shithead, who clearly did it, who knows he did it and has never apologized for it -- not even shown a hint of remorse or regret -- and he gets what is effectively a get out of jail free card?

The Parole Board members who did this should be fired on the spot. Because they did not do their jobs. I don't give a fuck if he is a so-called model prisoner. Or that he was six years past the mandatory twenty-five. You get out of jail because you've shown genuine remorse, give a real apology and try to make amends to the family that you wronged. You don't go tiptoeing thru the tulips and "playing like the rules" like Colin Thatcher has for twenty-five years -- in fact, he got out two years early before his twenty-five year sentence was up.

If he can prove -- prove -- he didn't do it, then maybe there may be a case. But as long as he can't say where he buried his son, his son for God's sake, he should continue to rot in jail.

People in Sudbury should know a killer is on the loose in their community. There are no amends for this child killer. He should have been kept in jail until God decided his wretched time left on this planet was up.

John Rallo -- go fuck yourself. I'll say it a zillion times if I have to.

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penlan said...

Wow, you sure are angry. I'm unfamilair with the case not having always lived in the same place, or even country, at times. But it does seem a travesty to give this man freedom during the day.

Too kill & dispose of the bodies of your very own children & have no regrets is telling. The man has no feelings & shouldn't be on the loose. He's a psychopath & dangerous.

So what does this do to all the heavier "crime & law & order packages" the Cons are talking about & trying to sell to the public? Laws which they are actually sitting on but blaming the Libs for the inaction & stalling. And not that I'm in agreement with some of them either.

This is another issue that the Cons could somehow use in the up-coming election. You know - Liberal parole committees, judges, etc. Makes me sick.

BlastFurnace said...

I don't think anyone saw this one coming. And yes, Penlan, I am very angry. I think there could be a case made for Rallo if only he'd say where he buried his son. I'm a tough on crime type for repeat or multiple offenders, especially when no expression of regret is forthcoming.

As for the Cons on the whole law and order thing -- the Libs can point out that it was Harper who was the weak one by proroguing a session and calling a new one to introduce an omninus bill whose components were going to be passed anyway. Or that it's the Cons who have been obstructing the Ethics Committee in its investigation of the ruling party's election tactics (just use the chair that was thrown, over and over again).

It will ultimately come down to the economy, however ... not crime.

penlan said...

I agree the upcoming election will be focussed on the economy, mostly. But the Cons have always run on law & order issues as well. It's a priority of theirs & always has been. So we will see some focus on that. And more on the environment as well.

I've been following the Ethics committee, as well as others, very closely in the last session(s) & am appalled at the "handbooks" dirty tricks on view for all to see - if only they would all watch.

Having lived outside of the country for a number of years, in the U.S., I was rather surprised upon returning to see lighter sentences for grievous crimes & early parole - even for murderers. It doesn't sit well with me either. But I can also see what's coming down the road if the Cons are re-elected for offenders, especially young ones, that do not do heavy-duty crimes but getting heavier sentences for them. This would not be right either.

And Rallo getting this type of "parole" is astounding & very, very wrong. I'll have to do a "google" to read more about the case.

How's Hamilton these days? I used to be your neighbour - living in Burlington for 5 years before moving to a place near Stratford.

Unknown said...

do you really think he's going to Sudbury?
Send his address to Doug Pollington in Cambridge,
I'm sure he'd like to send his personal congratulations.

Anonymous said...

After reading your comment on Jon Rallo, who did server 31 years for a crime he maintains he did not commit, I question whether you ARE a follower of Christ and a Catholic. No one knows with 100% certainty that Jon did commit the crime, and even if he did, there is more hope in supporting this man than condemning him. He could have been out on parole 16 years ago if he had admitted to the crime. That says something. For my part, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and the chance to live out the rest of his life in peace. I am more concerned about people like you who profess to be one thing and yet use very profane and condemning language, than I am about an older man who wants only to live out the rest of his life quietly and in peace.

Anonymous said...

it will be interesting to see if you post my comment, seeing as you need to approve of it. Censorship at its best! Do you only want to post comments that you agree with? I would just like to add to my previous comments that it is all too easy to judge when you don't have all the facts in front of you and when you don't know the person you are condemning.

Anonymous said...

John Rallo should have never been set free.. it doesn't matter that he doesn't admit to the crime he was convicted and the evidence is there.. that guy should rot in hell... his son hasn't even been found and he's out! It's not fair to the rest of us, who now have to worry about our lives because he's out! Who's to say he won't kill again???

bountyhunter said...

Rallo is a deviant, unrepentant, manipulative, psychopathic coward. He is a totally arrogant, gutless puke. Without question he is guilty as charged. Protected and catered to by CSC/NPB. Baby killers should be awarded the death penalty. He should never be allowed to walk free. His last tormented breath will be celebrated. Only then can his innocent victims RIP!

BlastFurnace said...

I have said here multiple times that I oppose the death penalty on philosophical grounds as well as the fact it doesn't deter crime at all. Quite some time after I first wrote this post, I was shocked to discover that he was granted full parole and now roams the streets of the City of Greater Sudbury.

Oh, nice work, NPB -- a city four times larger than the "New" Hamilton, 250 lakes, forests and the moonscapes left by previous nickle mining. Lots of hiding places to dump yet another child murder.

Murder one should carry LWOP -- especially when it's multiple murder.

Anonymous said...

It is a travesty that Rallo is free! He is also coming to Hamilton to visit his parents! In my opinion, he should not take one free breath or step until my cousins can do the same. My family was torn apart, and my Uncle died a tormented man. Rallo is a bastard who I hope will die a slow and agonizing death.
And the Bible says an eye for an eye. I believe in this. Don't give stupid forgiveness arguments. The only thing that could even begin to help, is if he were dead.

BlastFurnace said...

Making it truly sadder is that the parents of the woman murdered, the Pollingtons, died within days of each other this past week, and the big question remains unanswered still -- where is the body of the third child killed in 1976?

If and only if, Mr. Rallo can answer that question truthfully, should he be given parole. We've all given up on remorse. Just show some fucking responsibility for once.

Anonymous said...

i honestly think that john rallo should have stayed in prison,for the rest of his life,and got what the 3 wounderful people got,there life taken away from them,,,JOHN RALLO ROT IN HELL

Anonymous said...



PreshussMe said...

GOOD LUCK? What kind of an idiot are you? People change from when they are 'young people' to adult. He always seemed like a gentle man, and never yelled at his children, but people change, especially when they are in the midst of a hot affair, or a bad business deal. And I thought he was creepy from the time I met him when I was about 5! He was caught in a lie on the first day of his trial, and it was only a matter of presenting more evidence. He is a cold, calculating SOB. No feelings, no emotions, just cold. Some people mistook that for coolness, but they are far different things. There was always something simmering behind his eyes, and it was deceit. But hey, I am a fair person, so lets kill him, then let God decide..

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the nuances of the case. The physical evidence & the witnesses for the crown, as well as the prosecution theory was all circumstantial. He was the only suspect, (being the spouse), and no other theories were proffered by the Crown.

He claimed innocence and has maintained innocence, either because he didn't do it, or he did it and blocked it out of his memory.

One would have to know what the other theories were by those in the know.

The boy was never found, dead or alive. If Rallo did do it and he knows he did it, he may have been offered a deal to reveal the location of his son in exchange for a lesser sentence. He didn't. Someone else may have committed the murders but saved the boy to keep Rallo quiet about his knowledge about something sinister going on in Hamilton City Hall Politics. You had to live there at the time to understand what I mean.

Regardless, in the mid 70's, the criminal defense profession in Ontario was not necessarily very sophisticated.

By the way, after the Trial, both the defense Lawyer and the Crown Attorney became Judges, just like in the Steven Truscott Case and in the Homolka deal with the Devil, the female feminazi crown attorney, who couldn't poss ibly believe a female could be evil, was immediately appointed Judge.

Quid Pro Quo.

BlastFurnace said...

And let's not forget a certain Crown who actually barked at Guy Paul Morin (wrongly accused of raping and murdering her nine year old neighbour) -- barked -- during a court recess. She's a judge now too. How nuts is that?

liam graham said...

i served time with Rallo at Beaver Creek. He was a peice of shit then and by the sounds of it that has not changed. I remember then head of the NPB Max Stienberg telling Rallo that he would not be released until he gave the where-abouts of his sons grave so the family could give him a proper burial. It is obvious the NPB did not stick to that coarse. Liam Graham 289-680-2814

BlastFurnace said...

Thanks for writing, Liam. It's hard to believe I posted this five years ago and it's still getting reactions. Or maybe it shouldn't Maybe it's all from the search engine hits -- but it still makes me angry. All Rallo has to do is say three things -- one, he did it; two, he's sorry; three, where he dumped his son. I've stopped holding my breath long ago, however.

flashy5150 said...

I'm just telling everyone that Sandra was a nice lady and teacher at Peter Pan Nursery School in Hamilton and I was one of her students.I was also in the same class as Stephanie, her daughter in 1975. I remember as a child, in August,the summer of 1976, hearing my mom and dad saying how shocked they were to hear that Sandra and Stephanie had been murdered.I don't understand how that asshole Jon Rallo could have smothered his own kids, taken them all to the basement, put their bodies into sleeping bags, tied weights around them, dragged them into the garage, put them into his 1973 Ford Maverick, drove down the QEW and dumped them like garbage into various places of water ways. Then they let him out of prison. It's just sick. Detective Bob Slack was my T-Ball coach as a kid too. He was the one that headed the investigation. It's really too bad that the justice system wasn't better. There was proof all over that Lantana Court house.

Tarasia said...

I went to the trial a few days, because he bought the sleeping bags and weights at the Canadian Tire up the street from us . Also I knew people who worked with him at City Hall. TOO BAD THE multiple murders act wasn't around when Rallo killed his whole Family, (75yrs till parole) His wife finally got fed up with his cheating ways.I always believe that Jon did not wrap Jason in sleepin8g bag and he probably made it out to Lake Ontario he is a pig

Unknown said...

Yes of course he did it. Only him and God know what he did with Jason, but I would surely like to see him reunited with his parents, since they are dead too..