Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Franken wins, finally

It's taken far too long, nearly eight months -- but the election for Senator in Minnesota is finally over, and the Democratic challenger, comedian Al Franken, has unseated Republican Norm Coleman. With that, the donkeys now have the long sought after 60 seats in the upper chamber, needed to stop filibusters and ensure Obama's agenda gets smooth passage.
All this talk about filling in circles, chads and whatnot. Whatever happened to the good old paper ballot that you mark with an X or a checkmark? And eight months? Sheez. When there is a recount here in Canada, it usually only takes one day, a couple weeks after polling day.

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Cari said...

The big problem there, was the Republican did not believe the outcome and wanted more than one recount and Franken FINALLY won. I bet that other fellow still does not believe it!

Anonymous said...

There is a great misconception in the writing that has occurred about Sen. Franken and 60 Democrats. THIS WILL NOT MAKE IT ANY EASIER FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA'S AGENDA TO GET THROUGH THE SENATE! Unlike Canada, we do not have a strong party and whip system. Senators are free agents, allowed to vote as they choose on issues. There are several senators; like Ben Nelson, of Nebraska who regularly vote against the Democratic position. In order for President Obama to get his agenda through he will still need to get “moderate” Republican votes to offset the Democrats he loses on a given issue.