Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now, not later

The Liberals and Conservatives put off the inevitable showdown until at least the fall, with the creation of a blue ribbon panel to study reforming unemployment insurance. The tradeoff is that the Liberals get one more "supply day" in which they can bring down the government if they choose to.

Canadians may not be in the mood for a summer campaign. But I can't understand why Ignatieff is delaying. He's almost becoming Hamlet, waiting and waiting to drop the hatchet before it is way too late to change the situation.
Maybe he knows something most people in this country don't. Then again, Dion kept delaying until Harper made the decision for him. Twice.

A blue ribbon panel. Please. If there's going to be one, at least involve the other major parties -- and yes, that does include the Green Party. Otherwise, this is going to be a farce that benefits employers, not employees.

The Conservatives should put their proposals for reforming the system on the table now. Not doing so is reason enough to force an election.

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Anonymous said...

Could you be specific about what the Liberals offer to Canada besides they are not conservatives?
Why would Canada be better served during these tough times by a neophyte never been in government before leader and mostly rookies like himself as the "star' MP's ?
Yesterday Macullum said that the Liberals have NO plan and NO platform.
Ignatieff said many times that it is not HIS job to put forth proposals or solutions - his job is just to criticize.
So, don't you think before you go to the people you should offer alternatives? When the country is doing better than anybody else in the world why would we want to change direction now to what? to where? And why?
Just Liberals entitled to be in power? That's it?

BlastFurnace said...

A party is not entitled to be in power. It has to earn it. As for McCallum saying there is no platform he's aware of, maybe there isn't -- or maybe there is. I don't work on the inside of the party so I just don't know.

I do agree there should be a viable platform and viable alternatives. But this Parliament has proven to be more unworkable than the previous one. The only way things are going to be settled is if one party gets an absolute majority.

It's been my intention to go over the lack of plan in an upcoming post, so please be patient.

Rural Meets City said...

well it appears from both the liberals and conservatives that it is working very well with a Dion Memorial Coalition - yes, a regressive coalition but it appears obvious that both Iggy and Harper have lots in common. So change for change sake, for more of the same is not worth the public expense.

wilson said...

Back in January, your guy said he was consulting with the experts (Don Drummond etc.) and putting together an alternate stimulus budget and would show it to Canadians,
once the Government tabled theirs.

Where is it?

'..The Liberal Leader is currently developing his own alternative stimulus plan for the Canadian economy with a close circle of advisers that includes Ontario's Minister of Finance, Dwight Duncan.
For his part, Mr. Ignatieff has also consulted Frank McKenna, deputy chairman of TD Bank Financial Group, and Don Drummond, a former senior Finance official and the TD's senior economist, as well as Liberal MPs John McCallum and Scott Brison.

He needs all the advice he can get, given that he has only a few weeks to
deliver a clear Liberal plan to navigate the current crisis.
On Jan. 27, Mr. Ignatieff will have to decide whether he supports or rejects the Conservative government's budget,
which will contain its own stimulus package.